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Relief For Mariupol’ Families


In early March, not long after the war in Ukraine escalated, Mariupol’ found itself surrounded by russian military. What played out since then has been described as “hell”. Constant shelling, no clean water, no electricity, gas, cell reception, and no way out. Aerial videos of the city show just how overwhelming the destruction has been. Over 20,000 deaths have been reported by the local government.

Our dear friend Halyna, who we know from our Mariupol’ days, has finally been able to contact many of her friends from there. They face a heartbreaking future full of unknowns. Where to live? How to find work and education for their children? How to afford travel, medication, food, shelter, and bureaucratic procedures? How to heal from the psychological trauma caused by war? Her friends aren’t used to receiving help and struggle to ask, yet she wants to make sure that they have it. We share Halyna’s passion for supporting these families and providing them with some relief.

Currently, our goal is $10,000, which will help around 20 families.
If we can help even more, that would be amazing.

To donate directly in support of Halyna’s mission to help families from Mariupol, click the link below.

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