Crisis in Ukraine

Our current priority is helping refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine. Estimates currently project a massive humanitarian crisis, with millions of refugees needing support and assistance as their homes and lives are destroyed.

Here are some of the needs and associated costs we are currently helping with in Ukraine.


to support an affected family that is still in the war zone

Child with a Shovel

to support a family that has fled to Turkey as refugees


to support a refugee who is seeking asylum status and immigrating to the US

Loaves of Bread
$1500 - 2000

to prepare a family to move out of the war zone to a safe area

Doctor holding mask

to initiate a truckload of supplies to be delivered to refugees and civilians near the border

Goods Distribution

Along with supplying shelf-stable foods, medications, and hygiene products, we have partnered with local baking facilities near the border that can receive our shipments of supplies and produce bread for refugees and civilians in need.

With our direct support model, run by volunteers, we are able to use the funds we raise to create a meaningful impact in these people's lives. Thank you for your support.

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People packaging food